Cool Golf Cart Accessories

Many guys love golf and I am no exception there!

As someone who loves gadgets I obviously cannot be on the green without either my iPhone or whatever other hip gadget I can find such as my tracker which I really love.

The Skygolf Handheld GPS

The Skygolf Handheld GPS

The SkyGolf Handheld GPS Tracker is a really nice golf cart accessory I cannot be without anymore. This handly little SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGX GPS receiver allows you to play golf conveniently so you can find your way around unknown routes.

It features an easy to read, 3-inch transflective TFT-LCD screen that offers precise readings of the distance to the greens, lakes, lay-up points, and lots more on this golf GPS navigator.

It also has an omni-directional antenna which means that the SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGX GPS receiver can lock onto satellites even under tree cover.

Once you get this neat little gadget you obviously want another cool golf cart accessory right away, the right GPS Device Mount for the tracker on your golf cart!

Golf Cart GPS Mount

Simple But Useful Golf Cart GPS Mount

Today you can get a simple but useful mount for your GPS device so you can quickly attach it to your golf cart.

There are mounts and holders available if you look for golf cart accessories, some are specific for the SkyGolf but you can also get some models that can hold your iPhone as well.