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Horse Racing for Dummies

Horse Racing Tips

Most young guys like the idea of the occasional chance on a horse every now and then, just for fun and a bit of extra pocket money. It’s exciting to watch a horse race, and even more fun when you can keep tabs on how much your winning compared to your mates. In fact, horse racing is fascinating to study in itself. There are so many variables to look at which determine how likely a horse is to win, and what the odds on that horse will be. So how you do make sense of all the information that’s out there and then transfer that into putting money on a horse? The answer is actually very simple – you ask an expert.

Finding a seasoned professional with a decent track record who is also willing to give you some solid horse racing tips can be difficult, so our advice is to do some research online.

Things To Look For

A well established track record. A really good gambler will likely have made the headlines in the past with their winnings, which make them easy to track down and verify for yourself.

Free horse racing tips. Honest tipsters usually provide a few freebies on their site each day so you can see how accurate their suggestions are over a couple of weeks

An explanation of why they tip a particular horse. If they don’t mention why they back a particular horse, go somewhere else. Anyone can draw names out of a hat.

A subscription scheme. This is essential as it keeps them accountable to all their existing customers. It also means you are likely to get more frequent and detailed tips which will improve your winnings.

A great example of this is

Keep In Mind – It can be addictive

Set yourself a weekly or monthly budget before you start and stick to it, no excuses.

Bet with friends. It will be much easier to keep a clear head, and there is so much more scope for fun.

Keep it lighthearted. This should be an occasional bit of fun, not a daily commute to the bookies!

If you’re not having fun, STOP! Irrelevant of whether you are winning or losing.