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My Wife Loves Magnetic Jewellery – I Was Sceptical At First, …

We’re both suffering from joint pains, you know, those pains which I think are just all too common when you’re getting older. To have some relief we used to take Tylenol Arthritis but I have to say I am strongly against any type of drugs if they’re not really necessary, even the common over-the-counter ones. I heard stories of people severely damaging their stomach lining because they used to take Tylenol on a daily basis with their breakfast. (Hint: A big no-no, especially on an empty stomach!)

Recently, Brenda had an appointment with a friend who told her about magnetic jewellery and that it can help with joint pains, arthritis and many more ailments.

magnetObviously, I was very sceptical since claims are one thing and proven facts are another. I couldn’t really see how a magnetic bracelet would be able to relief pain. Somehow this didn’t make any sense to me.

Brenda purchased two pairs of and a ring from an online vendor and at least she didn’t spend too much on them. The total for those three pieces was $64 and change including shipping which in my opinion is still reasonable.

She started to wear the one bracelet of the two and it didn’t take long that she told me she swears that the joint pain has a lot improved. While I was still taking the Tylenol she actually stopped taking them after about two weeks.” Well, You got me curious now!”, I told her and I took the other magnetic bracelet which was still in the package. “At least it doesn’t look too girly”, I laughed at her.

It’s true, the bracelet actually looks pretty good on me and (low and behold) my wife confirmed that too. I don’t think that many middle-aged men like me would like the idea that they may (mind you: “may”) look like Sissies because some jewellery available today could well fit that criterion. But that wasn’t the fact here. This one looked, let me say, neutral and classy, a nice bracelet for a guy like me. I started to really like wearing it I have to admit.

I was still taking the Tylenol every day about 11am but somehow my early morning pain got less after about a week. Could it really be?

I got very curious about magnetic jewellery and the effect it is said to have so I looked up the theory behind it on the internet. They call this Magnotherapy or “magnetic therapy” and somehow it started to make more sense to me than in the beginning where I was still very sceptical. I could also argue that the theory behind Magnotherapy and whether it’s scientifically sound doesn’t really matter when I can feel the positive effect of the jewellery myself. And there was no doubt about that! However, .

Anyway, just for the uninitiated: According to this theory in alternative healing, magnetic fields have a direct beneficial effect on our blood cells. Scientists have actually proven that the magnetism of blood cells changes depending on how saturated with oxygen the cells are. The claims now goes that wearing a magnetizes the cells which results in all kinds of positive effects, like better circulation, pain relief, lower blood pressure and much more.

Since we both feel the positive effect of magnetic jewellery on our bodies it would be mood to debate the validity of this science. In other words: If someone would claim it’s entirely impossible that magnetic jewellery has any beneficial effect it wouldn’t change the fact that we both experience it. And that’s all that counts, isn’t it?

I highly recommend that you take a look at magnetic jewellery especially if you’re older and suffer from all the annoying ailments that come with it, arthritis amongst them.  I’d like to hear your own experiences with magnetic jewellery!