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Power Bands; The New Thing

You might have heard some noise about the recent craze in . They are undeniably cool and very popular, so we got our top researchers on the case to find out about them and if you should buy one and they came back with some surprising results.

It turns out that not only do they look cool, but they actually have a significant and noticeable impact on your stress levels and your mood in general. Two of our team here have been trying them out for just over a week now, and they say they do feel more energized and relaxed. We have certainly noticed the difference – they are much more cheerful than normal!

The style

Much like the recent trend in other wrist bands such as the ‘livestrong’ ones embossed on them, power bands are made from a silicon composite which means they are soft and comfortable to wear. This also means that they are extremely versatile in their colour and shape design, so there is a whole range to choose from to fit your personal taste. We particularly liked the ‘Stealth Series’ that we came across, which looked really nicely designed and not bulky at all.

The function

The silicon composite contains something called tourmaline which emits ‘negative ions’. We are well aware that this sounds like mumbo-jumbo, but they do seem to have a genuine grounding in scientific fact. Negative ions are actually not hard to come by, every time you go to the park or a walk by a local river you are bombarded with negative ions. They occur in nature just about everywhere, particularly in sunny places and around running water.

Should you buy one?

If you just want to improve your mood, take a walk outside for some fresh air! If you can’t fit time out in the countryside into your daily routine, or if you want to have a more consistent boost, then try a power band which will give off negative ions while your sat on the sofa or asleep in bed. Plus, they’re cool anyway!

There are several different brands to choose from. We tested using the bands from Infinity Pro. You can see their selection on their website: .