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Software’s Fashionable

Here at Notitious, we always keep an eye out for upcoming trends, not only in fashion, gadgets and games, but also in business. At any one time, we try to have about three different business ventures on the go at once.

We are constantly looking at software fashions and trends, and in particular we look very closely at what is in the later stages of development and beta testing. We use this as a way to gauge what’s happening in the business markets and what is likely to be up and coming and profitable in the next nine to eighteen months, which works for us because the first thing you need when you set up a big business is software to run it from.

In one particular instance we found some export software about to go on general release which we recognized as pretty much being a whole business in its own right, and in essence all we needed was a name to trade under, a really slick website and someone to run the software!

Once we had the software license and had had a chance to look through it in detail, we set up a small local export business and found that there were plenty of shipping and haulage companies around who were all ready and willing to be subcontracted in to deal with the actual transportation if we could deal with the logistics at either end

So export is our current winner, for us it has very little in the way of overheads and resource demands as it’s all  based. It’s actually been much more successful than we expected, which is probably mostly down to the fact that we caught the software early at, and that there are so many first class products being manufactured locally here in the US which are tried and tested and ready for us to ship all over the globe to individuals, shops, chains and businesses.

But the very best thing is we have been able to give our local businesses the chance to compete on a global scale, and they don’t have to worry about the details – the software we managed to find deals with everything right down to . That’s the kind of thing you should look for – attention to detail.