There are still people out there who think that “camping” is merely something for those who cannot afford a “real” vacation and that camping overall would mean lots of stress and hassles.

I am sure those people have never seen one of the like in the picture above. RVs and camper vans today can be so impressive and luxurious that they might make your grand home at home look like a shack in comparison. Depending on the size of your wallet you can well spend a fortune on a RV but then will get luxury in exchange that sure is worthy for an Arabian Oil Sheik.

A gold-plated bath tub and whirlpool? No problem! Several big-screen TVs built into the wall? Sure! A bathroom made from the finest Italian marble? You can have it if you want! Heck, if you have the change you can even get a camper van with a built in garage for one of your Ferraris that you can take with you on your travels!

Obviously, for most of us, our budget is far below so that we likely won’t ever be able to afford such an indulgence but this doesn’t mean that a “normal” camping van for mortals would be less van, excuse the pun, fun!

For little money you can get a decent VW camper that will have everything you need for a cool vacation. I am talking about a built-in kitchen, a washroom, a sleeping place and so forth.

The cool thing, in my opinion is that camping gives you almost limitless freedom. If you don’t like one place you can leave and go to the next one if you like. You are not reliant on hotels in overcrowded tourist spots. You can see the wonders of the world and places that your average tourist will never see.

For me, camping is the best way to travel and I wouldn’t exchange any Hotel’s King’s suite for it!

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