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Taking Time Out

Golf Holidays Italy

It’s great to be busy, working hard and playing hard etc. but you still need to balance that with some personal down-time. At Notitious, we find that we fall into two categories; there are a few of us who prefer to take their relaxation like little and often, and the rest of us who like less frequent but much longer time out to properly chill out and recharge.

If you’re one of those people who prefers to take longer time-outs, you might well find (like myself) that the first couple of days off are great as you start winding down – but then you start to get a bit bored.

The key to finding the perfect middle ground is to organise something that’s not too intensive to keep ticking over throughout the week, for example; golf.

Now, I know it’s got a reputation as a bit of an old man’s game – but it’s becoming an increasingly popular trend among us younger guys to book golf holidays,  for a long weekend or even a whole week at a time. The reason it’s taking off is simply because it forces you to get away from the pressures of work and home, and at the same time it keeps you just about active enough to enjoy the time off.

Take a look online – there are plenty of places offering golf breaks in France, Italy and throughout Europe. You can take your pick from the slow placed fully catered luxurious accommodation with chauffeur driven golf carts and canap├ęs on the green, all the way through to more intensive tournaments where you simply don’t get the chance to worry about how things are going back at the office.